How Much Does It Cost To Franchise?

The most common question we get asked is How much does it cost to Franchise a business?

There are 2 parts to the Franchise Process.

Part 1: Set up your company as a Franchise, we help do this.

Part 2: Sell your Franchise units, we help do this too.


Part 1: The cost to franchise your business = $35k-$45k (Can be paid in installments over 6-12 months)

This fee covers:

- Legal cost to setup a “Parent Company” often called a “Franchisor”
- Prepare the Franchise Disclosure Documents
- Prepare the Franchise Agreements, Single, Multiple & Master
- Creation of your Franchise Operations Manual
- Setup Training System
- Setup your Franchise Sales Program
- Creation of the Franchise Marketing Program
- Setup of the Franchise Website


Part 2: Cost to sell your Franchise units

- We are only paid on successful sales
- There are no up front fees
- All of our fees are paid out of the money you collect from the franchise buyer
- We assume most of the risk on this part because we only get paid when we sell franchises
- Strictly pay for performance, we get paid when franchises are sold
- No monthly fees


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