Frequently asked questions on Franchising your business.


1. How much does it cost to Franchise my business? We provide an all inclusive Franchising package for just $24,900. That includes the following:


– Franchise Disclosure Documents
– Franchise Contracts
– Franchise Operations Manual
– Franchise Marketing Plan
– Franchise Website
– Franchise Sales Process
– Franchise Application
– Strategic Franchise Growth Plan
– Franchise Territory Planning
– Franchisee Support Plan
– Complete business evaluation
– New Franchise Corp Creation
– Franchise Royalty & Franchise Fee study
– Trademark Filing Assistance
– Creation of an approved supplier database
– Exit Strategy


2. Does my company qualify to Franchise? The short answer is yes if you meet the following criteria:

– Leadership & experience. Do you have enough experience in your industry to be regarded as an expert?
– Financials/Profitability, are you currently profitable? Can your Franchisees be profitable after paying you a royalty?
– Systems/Processes, are your systems refined? Do you have a process for everything?


Part of what we do is help you define your Systems & Processes. Financials are simple, either you are making money or you aren’t. Leadership & experience will need to be evaluated. We will have a series of tough questions to ask you. If you answer honestly we can give you an idea of whether or not your business is ready for Franchising.


3. How much can I make by Franchising? Simply put. As much as you want to. It really comes down to the value you are offering in return for the fees you are collecting. There are multiple revenue streams in Franchising. I can explain all of these to you in a brief phone call. One frame of mind to have when calculating profit from Franchising your business is that you will make a smaller portion of the money but will have a lot more locations than you could typically open on your own. Your risk is lower and timeline for growth is accelerated.


I am sure you have other questions about how to Franchise your business.


I’d like the chance to explore the opportunity of expanding with Franchising your business. Keep an open mind. Spend an hour with me on the phone and let’s talk through what Franchising could do for your business. Call me 267-417-4980 or schedule an appointment on my calendar here: FranchiseAppointment.com

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