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franchisingMany people consider Franchising a business as an option for expansion. When done right Franchising can be an effective and efficient way of expanding.

Franchising isn’t right for every business, however, if you are operating a successful small business now and you want to expand while maintaining a lower risk then Franchising might be an option to consider.

Most of the time the cost to Franchise your business is a small portion of what it would cost you to open just one corporate location.

There are many parts to a Franchise including:

- Strategic Franchise Development Plans
- Franchise Operations Manuals
- Franchise Marketing Plans
- Franchise Sales Training
- Franchise Documents

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Top reasons to Franchise a business:

- Lower risk, your Franchisees assume the risk of leases, inventory, employees etc…
- Ongoing revenue stream, you collect a % of gross revenues as an ongoing royalty
- Up front fees, you collect an up front Franchise Fee from each buyer
- Quantity discounts, as you grow many vendors will offer you a lower price with volume purchases
- Multiple revenue streams, products, training, services, royalties, software etc….
- Faster than building your own locations
- The cost to Franchise is typically a lot lower than opening just one additional corporate location

These are just a few of the benefits of Franchising a business. With years experience working with 200+ Franchise Companies, we know what it takes to develop & sell franchises.

If you have a proven business model and are interested in learning more you can request a Free Consultation & Evaluation to see if your business qualifies to expand through franchising.

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How do I Franchise My Business?

How much does it cost to Franchise My Business?

We provide a full service Franchise Development System.

- Franchise Disclosure Document Creation
- Federal Compliance
- State Registration
- Franchise Agreement Creation
- Trademark Registration
- Operations Manual Creation
- Training Outline Creation
- Franchise Lead Generation & Sales

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