We work with successful small businesses that are interested in exploring the possibility of expansion by Franchising your business. All of our clients are small business owners. We help them create a Strategic Franchise Growth Plan.


Including all of the following:


– Franchise Disclosure Documents
– Franchise Contracts
– Franchise Operations Manual
– Franchise Marketing Plan
– Franchise Website
– Franchise Sales Process
– Franchise Application
– Strategic Franchise Growth Plan
– Franchise Territory Planning
– Franchisee Support Plan
– Complete business evaluation
– New Franchise Corp Creation
– Franchise Royalty & Franchise Fee study
– Trademark Filing Assistance
– Creation of an approved supplier database
– Exit Strategy


We offer an all inclusive package to Franchise your business. The process to Franchise your business typically takes 3-4 months of planning, creation & execution.


During the due diligence period we will evaluate your business for the following:

– Ownership/Leadership
– Financials/Profitability
– Franchise Owner Duties/Responsibilities
– Systems/Processes


I would like the chance to explore the opportunity of expanding with Franchising your business. Keep an open mind. Spend an hour with me on the phone and let’s talk through how Franchising could help you rapidly expand your business. Call me 267-417-4980 or schedule an appointment on my calendar here: FranchiseAppointment.com


If you would like to learn more via a no obligation online Webinar you can register for that here: FranchisingWebinar.com

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